Ssenyonyi-Lop Set to Receive Guidance from Mpuuga

Courtesy Picture of Newly Appointed L.O.P Joel Ssenyonyi

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has instituted Nakawa West mp Joel Ssenyonyi as the Leader of Opposition replacing Matthias Mpuuga -Nyendo Mukungwe Mp.

Mpuuga now becomes a Commissioner of parliament. He has served as the Leader of Opposition since 2021 .

During his time as Leader of Opposition, Mpuuga has led members in battles against human rights violence , missing persons and injustices within parliament among others.

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While speaking to those in attendance of his inauguration, Ssenyonyi mentioned that his appointment is not on the basis of experience as some of his colleagues could be more experienced . He commended Mpuuga for availing himself to offer him guidance as he steps into his new position.

He said; I’m glad that you (Matthias Mpuuga) has offered to keep guiding me as I take on this task [of LoP]. I’m not the most educated nor most experienced among the opposition members. I might not even be the most deserving to be appointed LoP, according to some people, but such is leadership…,”

The decision has been queried by the public who feel the position was more deserving of a more experienced leader. Responses from X mention that leadership has become a major crisis in our nation.

Mr. Diplomacy notes; “A big blunder, ! You can’t replace a person with rich history and experience with a newcomer.
Mpuuga is being crucified for Mobilizing nup mps to assert to the anti gay bill.
And lastly, Joel is a busy man in cosase.”

Another running by the name The Only Talent says; “This is the biggest mistake NUP_Ug has done, we shall not yield results whatsoever.”

Salman Sowedi also hit the decision saying; “Why do I have a strong feeling that this is a bad move ?. Anyways,time will tell.”

However , Kyagulanyi while giving his remarks reassured the public that NUP is after grooming leadership and it is not afraid of taking the least experienced up to be groomed into the best.

According to him this is a platform to give opportunities to the young to lead the nation.

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