HIV Prevalence Shoots High Among Inmates

Recent parliamentary findings have revealed that 1315 prisoners are currently living with HIV.

Most startling of this is that 131 of the these , which is 10 percent of the those living with the Human Immune Virus (HIV) have acquired it while in prison.

Worse still, of the latest 47 infections within the prison walls, 50percent have been acquired from within.

The report drafted by the Parliamentary Committee of HIV/AIDS in March intimates that the prevalence of HIV in these detention facilities is way over three times the national average as per reports. Sarah Netalisire, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary HIV/AIDS committee noted that the situation could be worse .

According to her , some prisons have possibly not disclosed their status as yet due to the poor disclosure methods used. She says; “What these people do is just assemble people in the morning and openly ask who of you is HIV positive.”

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A tweet from Mugenyi Henry , a reporter at NBS Television attracted concerned responses from natives on what the possibile causes could be. One of the social media users identifying as Glen questioned whether the spread could have been through the use of sharp objects .

“Was it through intercouse among the inmates or sharing of sharp instruments amongst themselves?” Otema David as well responded questioning whether it was through same sex intercourse. “How do they acquire it in the male section? Do they practice gay”

Similar attributions have been made through the report to the causes of the infection. However , government went ahead to order a full investigation into the matter specifically the practice of homosexuality in detention centers . Uganda Prisons Service Prisoner population currently stands at 71354.

By Shifrah Kwagala

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