Brigadier Generals Byekwaso, Bainababo Share Military Experience with Gayaza High Students

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) and other social economic transformation partners have today shared their work place experiences with students from Gayaza High School.

This has happened in recognition of the School’s Careers Day, where students meet and share experiences with different personnel already serving in the current employment world.

The event also aims at exposing students to a variety of careers and jobs by connecting them with business partners who provide a realistic picture of the workplace, on top of helping students to connect between school and workplace, among others.

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Speaking during the Careers Expo at the school, the Chief of Staff at the Uganda Rapid Deployment Capability Center lauded the school administration for helping students to participate in the country’s transformation agenda; through the adoption of practical sciences, applied humanities and sports, among others.

He said career guidance helps students to pursue their own career dreams that are dependent on own capabilities without undue influence from their peers or parents.

Brig Gen Byekwaso told students that what is most satisfying about her career and working with the UPDF is knowing that she is serving the country as a patriotic person, out there to save the nation while staking their lives to serve others.

“Every time I wake up this gratifies me. It makes me proud that I serve Ugandans to make sure the country is secure and stable and that am part of the greatest pillar of the social economic transformation of this country,” she remarked.

She urged students to take the career guidance given by the different institutions serious to avoid future regrets.

The Deputy Commander Special Forces Command (SFC) Brig Gen Charity Bainababo, also guiding at the same event, stated that UPDF is a pillar of the state and one of the noble professions that recruits personnel from all professions.

She encouraged students to join the Force after studies to further expand the level of professionalism within the army.

She told them that one of the principles of war is selection and maintenance of the aim which helps soldiers not to get distracted from acceptable goals.

She urged them to choose their priorities and careers right, and love their country.

“When you choose something and keep your eye on it. Then you won’t go wrong,” Brig Gen Bainababo encouraged them.

Stanbic Bank, Uganda Police Force, Electrol Commission, Uganda Christian University, Uganda Virus Research Institute, Banana Industrial Research and Development Centre, and Ndeje Unversity were among the facilitators at today’s Career Guidance.

As Shared By Col Deo Akiiki the deputy UPDF Spokesperson.

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