Rwandan National Killed by Young Brother Over Savings

Riky Kabagambe, a Rwandan national has been killed by a person suspected to be his young brother over savings he had made in a small wooden box. Kabagambe, according to Old Kampala police station, was attacked on Wednesday morning at his rented residence, Masanafu- Kinonya zone, Lubaga Division, in Kampala District.

The victim was hit several times before his house property was also robbed. Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said police found Kabagambe in a pool of blood and a hammer suspected to have been used to kill him was lying nearby his body.

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Owoyesigyire explained that there was also an empty box suspected to have been containing the deceased’s savings had been smashed and its contents missing. As police were conducting investigations, information was received that deceased’s brother had been spotted in the nearby house about 400m from the crime scene.

“The police raided the location and arrested 15 suspects, including Ayagamba John the brother of the deceased, and Mwerinde Bright, who was found with, suspected blood stains on their clothing,” Owoyesigyire said.

Police said two other suspects Samson Tumwebaze and Silver Tumusime had suspected blood stains on their shoes and jacket respectively. Owoyesigyire added that the detectives also found suspected blood stains on the front porch of the suspects’ residence.

“The recovered exhibits, including blood samples, bloodstained clothing, shoes, and the suspected murder weapon(hammer), will be submitted for forensic analysis. All 15 suspects are currently being detained at Old Kampala Police as the investigation continues. The body of the deceased has been transported to the City Mortuary in Mulago,” Owoyesigyire said.

Kabagambe’s murder can be added to the 29 crime-related deaths that have been recorded by CID from December 23rd and December 26th. At least four of the victims of deaths related to the crime during Christmas were gang-raped and murdered.

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