Thugs Dump Stolen Police Gun in a Pit Latrine

Photo Courtesy of suspect John Onekalit cleaning gun recovered from the pit latrine

Police have arrested John Onekalit and hunting for his colleagues for allegedly stealing a police officer’s gun and dumping it in a pit latrine after a foiled robbery. Onekalit, a resident of Kamwokya -Kisalosalo, was arrested after a Bodaboda rider who rushed him to the China-Uganda Friendship hospital in Naguru with a cut on the head went back to where he had picked him up to find out what exactly had happened.

The Bodaboda rider was informed that unknown thugs had broken into the house of one of the police officers within the Kireka Police barracks. This incident happened on Monday night this week. But one of the victims was able to cut Onekalit on the head with a panga even though he successfully took off.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said the Bodaboda rider after getting the information decided to lead police to the China-Uganda Friendship hospital where Onekalit was found receiving treatment.

“The Bodaboda ridder after dropping the thug at the hospital managed to go back to the scene to inquire what had happened. Later, he led people to the hospital. The thug identified as Onekalit John, aged 34yrs old, a casual worker, and a Kamwokya-Kisalosalo zone resident was arrested from the hospital,” Onyango said.

Onekalit immediately confessed to stealing the gun from the police officer. When police searched him, he was found with the National identity card of the police officer whose gun was stolen. “He was also found with five bullets in his pocket. He then took people to Kireka barracks which led to the recovery of the gun from the latrine,” Onyango said.

Onekalit had dumped the gun in the pit latrine after being cut. He was able to help police recover it today with its 22 bullets. Onekalit is currently detained at Jinja road police station helping investigators with information that could lead to the arrest of his accomplices and buyers of their stolen properties.

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