Man Kills Lover in Nakulabye Lodge, Shot Running Naked

Police in Nakulabye has embarked on investigations to establish what prompted a man to stab his lover to death inside Nakulabye lodge. The deceased identified as Viola Namayanja reportedly allegedly entered the lodge at 10pm alongside unidentified man but the two engaged in a quarrel that prompted the latter to stab the former killing her instantly.

Security sources say the case is being investigated under reference 48/21/10/2022 at Nakulabye police station. The reason for the fracas that resulted into death will be understood if the suspect who was shot running naked does not die. Police hope the shot culprit will give an explanation of what transpired between him and the deceased Namayanja.

So far police have recorded statements from the managers of Nakulabye Light Bar and Lodge including Musa Ngobi the security guard who shot the suspect running naked. The guard has indicated that he shot the suspect after he did not heed to efforts to stop him. The suspect allegedly chose to confront the guard who is self defence discharged a bullet that maimed the culprit.

“The suspect decided to escape running naked. One Askari guarding Bam Petrol station saw him, cautioned him to stop but instead wanted to confront him, prompting him to disable the suspect. The guard is from Spark Security Company,” sources said.