Government To Support Schools With Dire Buildings

The government has given a directive to local governments to compile a list of schools poor classroom structures.

Through a letter dated October 5, 2023 Isaac Musumba noted that these lists were required to be submitted by November 3,2023.

Teachers and school heads appreciated the initiative saying the nature of poor classrooms has affected the effectiveness of learning amidst different circumstances like bad weather.

Others noted that the classrooms are often highly congested that a teacher can hardly supervise students individually during lessons.

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The headteacher of Bukonde SSS in Mbale , Abubakari Masifwa for instance highlighted the concern of congestion and stormy rain getting into their provisional classrooms from UNICEF.

” When it rains ,rain is compelled to get into our tents and learning can not go on as long as students are being hit by rain.”

Some of the requirements to be produced from school heads before they can access support include, clear indication of the location of the school, number of learners , photos of the poor structures and whether the school has ever asked for support to put up permanent structures before from government among others

Musumba said; “Of course the photos will later be followed up with visitations to schools .”

He also added that the government will not stop at erecting permanent structures but also furnishing the classrooms with desks.

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