Rise of TB infection in Eastern Uganda Raises Concern

Health experts and leaders in the Eastern region have raised concern over the rising cases of Tuberculosis in Eastern Uganda.

According to research, TB and leprosy cases in Bugisu and Bukedi regions contribute to over 20 percent out of the 90,000 reported in the country every year.

Within this region, districts of Tororo, Namisindwa, and Manafwa have registered the highest cases of TB while Budaka, Pallisa, Butebo and Kibuku range high in leprosy among the children.

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Dr. Stephen Obbo, the Director Mbale Regional Referral notes that the matter is of high concern because Uganda ranks as one of the countries with the highest TB infection burden .

Once regions within the nation with a high TB infection burden are given attention, it will help greatly ease the disease burden .

“The purpose of our coming today is to see how we can really stake holders to come up with support and intervention in the eastern Uganda concerning TB, ” said Dr. Obbo.

Besides the experts also revealed that not only high burden for infections , but also the number of
multi-drug-resistant TB patients is high in Mbale city.

Damalie Waiswa TB focal person Bukedi, Bugisu noted that while such a number cases have been identified, the taskforce should be more on the look out of cases that are never reported . These that are not on medication end up keeping the infection burden high.

“Yes we have documented so many cases but I am certain that there are many out there that we do not know , we need to use all possible strategy to draw all of the out.”

Achilla John Rex,the Resident City Commissioner of Mbaale mentioned that the challenge is that these infections tend to co-exist. Anyone with TB ,can easily catch the HIV infection while leprosy also hangs in there.

He noted that to curb this from turning into another epidemic all forces need to join up to act upon the health issues with urgency.

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