Lightnings That Have Killed Dozens of Ugandan Pupils, Students

Lightning net pic

There was shock at Kagano village whene a 14 year old pupil was truck to death by lightning on her was home. The deceased who was a pupil at Cundura primary school, Karengyere parish, Muko sub-county, in Rubanda district.

Elly Mate, said Mate died at around 6:30 pm and she was a daughter to Tophine Bangirana. Police visited the scene and took the body for postmortem purposely to confirm the cause of death. Mate said after confirming lightning as cause of the death, the body was handed over to the father other relatives for burial.

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Uganda has had terrible lightning kills mostly targeting pupils in classrooms and on their ways to school or home. For instance, in June 2011, Lightning struck several districts in the country killing 17 pupils and one student teacher at Kiryandongo.

The 2011 lightning incidents left over 36 pupils admitted in Kiryandongo, and other districts in western Uganda. In November 2015, lighting killed five pupils at Nyakabingo cell in Kakanju Sub-county in Igara West in Bushenyi District. This incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when pupils of Nyakabingo Primary School were in class amidst a heavy downpour.

In June 2019, three pupils were Wednesday struck dead by lightning in Kibaale District, western Uganda. The deceased were pupils of Kisalizi primary school. The pupils had sought shelter in someone’s home since it was heavily pouring.

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