Fire Reduces Nebbi Wine Factory to Ashes

Police in Nebbi district are investigating an incident of fire outbreak at Oyoma General Stores, a factory of Kabisa wine and Gold Force wine in Parombo town council, which left it reduced to ashes.

Josephine Angucia the West Nile regional police spokesperson said the his incident occured on last night and was brought to police attention by Bob Oyoma 54, the proprietor.

Oyoma is resident of Nyarugaro cell, Parombo town council, Nebbi district who also indicated that his factory guard heard a bang inside the store of crude wine drums.

“It is alleged that the security guard at the entrance where the store in which drums of crude wine were kept before being taken into the production section. This was after the electricity that had gone off earlier came back,” Angucia said.

The security guard said when he entered to check, he saw fire suspected to have started from the pumps in the crude wine store. Police rushed to the scene only to find when the fire in that particular store had become too much.

Nevertheless, locals joined hands with the factory workers and tried to put it off using the hand fire extinguishers.

“Effort was made to call the Regional Fire fighters, but the owner of the factory turned it down saying it would not save much considering the distance and the level it had reached,” Angucia said.

Police and factory owner Oyoma were yet to compute the total value of the items destroyed. However, the fire burnt all crude wine drums including the pumps in the store perished.

“Inquiries continue under Parombo Police Station SD reference 13/15/02/2023. We urge managers of vital installations like factories, business premises as well as users of electricity in homes to always switch off their electrical gadgets,” Angucia said.

The public has been reminded to always switch off the main switches once power has gone off. This, police believes would prevent fire accidents that can lead to serious destructions incase power abruptly returns.

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