35 Year Old Woman Kills Suspected Husband’s Side Lover

Suspect on handcuffs. Net picture.

Police in Kanungu district have arrested a woman suspected of killing her husband’s side lover Esther Kyomuhendo.

The incident happened at Mukono village, Buhooma town council, in Kanungu district and the suspect has been identified as a 35 year old woman Christine.

Elly Mate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson, said the crime is being investigated under the reference KANUNGU CRB 046/2023.

Mate said the incident was brought to police attention by the area chairperson Bernard Ndyenaku 60. According to Ndyenaku, it was that around 6:30 pm when the two women met and fought over a man.

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The deceased had gone to visit the mother in law but still in court ship with the man who is already married to the suspect.

Assistant Superintendent of Police -ASP Innocent Dusabe, Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations at Butogota police station visited the scene.

Christine who is now a murder suspect has been arrested and charges of murder have been preferred against her.

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