644 Guns, 4023 Bullets Recovered in Karamoja Insurgency

Some of the types of guns being recovered in Karamoja subregion.

The joint security forces have revealed that 644 guns and 4,023 bullets have been recovered in the ongoing fight between government forces and Karimojong warriors.

President Yoweri Museveni directed an offensive approach to warriors in Karamoja subregion in July last year after negotiations between leaders and warriors yielded no results.

Senior Commissioner of Police, Fred Enanga, has said that Army and police have now recovered the guns and bullets from the warriors. Enanga warns that the confrontational approach will not seize until all guns in the hands of criminals have been recovered.

More than 600 warriors have been killed by soldiers and police in fire exchange in close to two years fight. In addition, forces have arrested more than 1,000 warriors who have been charged in Army courts.

The insurgency in Karamoja have not only left the area insecure to locals, but cattle, sheep and goats have been looted by warriors who on several cases leave owners of such animals killed.

The fight in Karamoja has also raised issues of human rights abuses where girls under 18 years of age have been defiled because they fear going to school while some weapon have accused security agencies of torturing their husbands whom they suspect to be part of the warriors.

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