CMI Arrests Suspect Behind Speaker, Army Parody Tweets

SCP Enanga

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has arrested, Bashir Kasagga, a man suspected to have been ‘manufacturing’ parody tweets of Speaker of Parliament Anita Annet Among, UPDF, and Police Spokespersons.

Kasagga, who is also known as Matovu has been charged with four counts of an authorized modification of computer material under the Computer Misuse Act. Senior Commissioner of Police –SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said Kasagga in the months of August and September this year while in Kampala with requisite intent and knowledge used his social engineering skills to obtain and modify tweets.

Enanga explained that Kasagga allegedly after modifying the codes, used the sites to display a string of pictures and words that were offensive to many members of the public.

Kasagga did not only stop at ‘cooking’ tweets of prominent persons, he also posted pictures matching his tweets. “He has a sound network of social media users. He has been interacting with several individuals who have glorified attacks on government officials. He has 6,500 followers on Twitter and over 5,000 Facebook followers,” Enanga said.

Kasagga’s hilarious tweets became famous during the death of Gen Elly Tumwine late last month especially when he disguised as if it was the Speaker, Police, and Army spokespersons. This, he did by originating alarming tweets from the above persons including businessman Balaam Barugahare Ateenyi.

 “The UPDF appeals to the general public calm as we serve food at the send-off of our gallant statesman Gen Elly Tumwine. We however warn NUP supporters not to dare attend the burial in Kazo. You have hurt the family of our deceased,” Kasagga twitted as UPDF Spokesperson.

He then twitted as Uganda Police Spokesperson: “We want to sound a warning to the general public that we shall come for you. And apply iron fist on you if you can’t learn some morals our safe houses shall teach you.”

Kasagga again twitted as police saying: “In light of instilling moral in this rotten generation, that has made it a hobby to celebrate when government officials die, we have arrested Trace Manuel a NUP supporter to serve as an example to the rest, the suspect posted a video celebrating the death of Gen Elly Tumwine.”

Another hilarious tweet of Kasagga led: “Guys this time celebrate responsibly, he has died.” On the side of the Speaker of Parliament, Kasagga twitted: “it is with great happiness that I have received the death of Gen Elly Tumwine. I even told the Pope that this deceased man tortured and even killed many Ugandans. When I was still in FDC, Gen Tumwine arrested Besigye and abducted FDC supporters. It is good that he has died.”

Enanga said that joint security agencies must balance crime and certain individuals’ rights. He noted that with the first evolving technology, it is not easy to fight cyber-crimes but the risks can be mitigated by arresting perpetrators like Kasagga.