Over 100 Bobi Wine’s supporters Face Terrorism Charges

muMore than 100 abducted supporters of former president Yoweri Museveni’s challenger, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine could soon be slapped with charges of terrorism.

Uganda security agencies have been abducting members of Bobi Wine’s political party the National Unity Platform from November last year to date. The victims mostly youths in their 20s have been subjected to all sorts of torture and some have resurfaced limping.

Museveni on Saturday addressed Ugandans where he revealed that more than 300 people who were allegedly planning to conduct violent and terrorism activities had been arrested by military commandos.

Uganda police’s director for crime intelligence, Brig Gen Chris Damulira, on Monday shocked the country when he said the youths who have been held incommunicado could be charged with offences related to terrorism.

Gen Damulira said the suspects who have spent more than 30 days in custody threw petrol bombs on major and minor roads protesting Museveni’s victory on January 16. Museveni’s own appointed Electoral Commission declared him winner with 58 percent while his closet rival Bobi Wine was given 35 percent.

Gen Damulira said the Criminal Investigations Directorate –CID and Directorate of Public Prosecution –DPP would decide the fate of the youths whose arrest and detention has been attributed to their political affiliations.

Bobi Wine has since filed a petition in Uganda’s Supreme Court disputing Museveni’s victory. Several videos have emerged on social media showing soldiers, police and Museveni’s tribesmen pre-ticking votes.

Nevertheless, the authenticity of the videos hasn’t been confirmed. The biggest questions in the minds of Ugandans is whether the Supreme Court headed by Museveni’s former personal lawyer, Alfonse Owiny Dollo, will nullify his controversial victory.

Bob Wine has raised 26 grounds which he believes would convince the judges to cancel Museveni’s victory. The grounds include military brutality during the campaign period, killing of his 54 supporters, voter bribery and intimidation.