UPDF Responds to UN Report on M23

Uganda needs peace in DRC more than those publishing unresearched, imbalanced and uncorroborated stories devoid of any iota of academic discipline worth to be called reports. No body asked anyone to hear our side of the story in this regard.

It is questionable as to why such reports falsely accuse us at a time when our working relationship with the Congolese Forces (FARDC) against negative forces in DRC like ADF are at its best and the diplomatic ties of the two governments of Uganda and DRC are so cordial.

We deployed in DRC under East African Community regional force not long ago in search for peace, we have a bilateral arrangement with DRC to fight ADF, we are putting up infrastructures and other peace related projects together with our brothers and sisters in Eastern DRC.

It will be mad for us to distablise the same area we are sacrificing it all to have it stable. We are waiting for evidence in this report clearly making UPDF culpable to such lies, trust me it will never come like it has never been before.

Such group of the so called “experts” Should ask the real experts on Eastern DRC to help them make better reports instead of arms chair reports that misguide the world and continue to fuel conflicts.

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