Police in Kawempe have arrested two suspects on allegations of Human

Police in Kawempe have arrested two Trafficking and rescued nine victims.
The suspects that are currently detained at Kawempe Police are; Mbeiza Esther aged 23 years Businesswoman, Network Manager at Empowered Consumerism/ Dream Visionaries International , a resident of Kiganda, Kawempe Divison, Kampala district and Birungi Jenipher aged 22 years Manager of Empowered Consumerism Company/ Dream Visionaries International, a resident of Kawempe Division, Kampala district.
The victims that were rescued are;
1. Nassali Viola aged 21 years from Nakaseke.
2. Nakakooza Viola aged 20 years from Nakasongola
3. Namutebi Swabra aged 20 years, a tailor.
4. Mutoni Agnes Kasule aged 20 years
5. Bakor Shadia 20 years from Kayunga district.
6. Nanangwe Irene 20 years from Kayunga
7. Namuyumba Rebecca 21 years from Kaliro district.
8. Najemba Angel 20 years
9. Namugabwe Zahara 20 years from Namayingo district.
It is alleged that the suspects have a company called ‘EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM COMPANY/DREAM VISIONARIES INTERNATIONAL’ located on Kampala Road that recruits, harbors, maintains and use the victims for selling herbal products within Kampala. The victims pay Shs 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand shillings only) as application fees to get a job. Then after getting a job, the victims are required to pay Shs 1,300,000 (One million three hundred thousand shillings only) for buying herbal products for sale. The said money is paid to the office managers on Kampala Road and every victim is mandated to recruit at least two other people.
Police have recorded statements from relevant witnesses
The victiims have been interviewed and thier Statements recorded.
Police is yet to ascertain if the recruitment agency is registered by Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and to ascertain if the recruitment agency has valid licence.
Inquiries at hand and more information to follow.

P. Onyango
14 Jun 14

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