Buganda Kingdom Unveils Online Portal to Boost Tourism and Cultural Preservation

BY F MALE: In a bid to enhance tourism and preserve cultural heritage, the Buganda Kingdom has unveiled its new online tourism portal, Visit Buganda.com. The launch was announced at the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) held at the Munyonyo Convention Centre, marking a significant milestone in the kingdom’s digital transformation.

Robert Kasozi, Executive Director of the Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board, emphasized the importance of balancing digital innovation with cultural conservation. He highlighted that the portal will not only make it easier for tourists to explore Buganda but will also empower the private sector by providing them with broader market access.

“Buganda is a well-researched destination and one of the most written-about regions in Africa. Many potential visitors lack access to essential services like tour operators and hotels. VisitBuganda.com will enable tourists to book accommodations, transport, and other services effortlessly,” Kasozi explained.

Since the inception of the portal, the Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board has engaged with various stakeholders to promote the kingdom’s culture and encourage experiential tourism. The initiative aims to involve local communities and build capacity, ensuring that the digital future enhances, rather than detracts from, the kingdom’s rich cultural heritage.

David Gonahasa, co-founder of Tripesa, the Ugandan tech company behind the portal, underscored their mission to democratize technology access in the tourism sector. He highlighted that their user-friendly tools enable even those with minimal tech skills to create and manage digital marketplaces. Tripesa’s innovative approach has already led to the launch of three portals: Visit Buganda, Visit Rwenzori, and the Young Tour Operators marketplace.

Kasozi further noted, “We are not excluding anyone from the business. We are in an era where people prefer to serve themselves. With VisitBuganda.com, they can do everything from their phones, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.”

The new online portal represents a significant step forward for Buganda, promising to enhance tourism, empower local businesses, and preserve the kingdom’s cultural legacy for future generations.

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