Thugs Hacks 4 children After Demanding UGX5M From Their Mothers

Police have shot and killed a thug that hacked foUr children after demanding their mother, Anitah Ayebare, to give him four million shillings. The ugly incident happened today at around 10:30 am at Bongole Zone, Ndejje Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality, in the Wakiso District.

Ayebare explained that the thug entered house with sharp pangas and immediately asked to be given money. According to Ayebare, the thug said he knew all her business ventures and was therefore capable of giving him the money he wanted. “I was in the sitting room with the children taking breakfast. The strange man entered the house and started tasking me to give him money. He started hacking my children. I moved out and started screaming calling for help,” Ayebare said.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, has identified the hacked children as Ampaire Maria  Zoe aged five, Atuhaire Lucia aged two, Musiime Blair aged seven,  and Ankunda Godius aged 14.

Onyango said Ayebare was warned by the thugs she would lose all the children if she delayed giving him money. However, Ayebare had no cash something the thug could not believe and started hacking the children.

“The woman had no cash with at the moment. The man therefore started cutting the kids with the panga which forced the woman to run outside making an alarming and asking for help from the residents. This forced the residents to alert police,” Onyango said.

Police at Mirimu Police Post booked out on information vide SD ref 09/29/04/2024. Onyango said in the process to save the kids, the thug was put out of action. According to police, a panga and 4 knives got from the scene and exhibited.

“It has been found out that the thug entered into Anitah’s residence at around 1030hrs and asked for five million shilling. The thug claimed that he knows madam Ayebare very well and he knows all the projects she has been running and so he needs money,” police said.

All the four children according to the images shared by police were severely injured by the thugs. Police have resolved to conduct community sensitization meeting on public to alert police in case of anything is yielding good results and should continue being embraced.

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