Kololo Grounds Hosts Priority Groups for National ID Registration Assistant Competency Test

At the heart of today’s competency test for national ID registration assistants at Kololo Grounds, priority was accorded to a special cohort of individuals: breastfeeding mothers, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and expecting mothers. While hundreds will be flocking the grounds as they have this morning, ensuring their inclusion in the selection process for this critical national initiative was commended by some of the participants.,

One of these, Mary Namutebi, who arrived at the venue with her newborn in her arms commented. “I was initially hesitant about attending the competency test due to my recent delivery, but the provision of priority access has made it possible for me to participate without worry,” she shared, grateful for the thoughtful consideration extended to nursing mothers.

Similarly, persons with disabilities were warmly welcomed and provided with necessary support to navigate the registration process with ease. For Timothy Isabirye, one with hearing impairment aspiring to become a registration assistant, the accommodations offered at Kololo Grounds were emblematic of a broader commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. “Being able to participate in this competency test on equal footing with others reaffirms my belief in the importance of creating spaces where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected,” he remarked, his enthusiasm undiminished by his disability.

Expecting mothers also received special attention being placed on day one. Mary Akello, heavily pregnant with her second child, expressed gratitude for the arrangements made, stating, “The organisers’ consideration for expecting mothers like myself demonstrates a commitment to promoting maternal health and ensuring that no one is left behind in this important national endeavour.”

Peter Okwalinga, an observer on the X platform made a remark saying; “Hundreds from Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono have showed up at Kololo for competence test. As good practice NIRA opted to give breast feeding mothers, PWDs, expecting mothers, first priority to do the test.”

The competency tests for Registration Assistants candidates at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds are being conducted in phases given the high number of applicants, until the shortlisted go past that level. The North &West Nile districts were the first to kick off.

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