Masaka Road Partly Caves In At Buddo


The Directorate of Traffic & Road safety informs the general public that the road in between Kyengera & Budo Junction along Kampala -Masaka Highway has partially sunk in due to heavy rains this morning.

You are thus advised to use the alternative routes as indicated below:-

For Motorists from Kampala to Masaka:-

-Nakawuka road -Budo junction or Kitemu to access Kampala-Masaka highway.

-Mityana road – Buloba-Nsangi to access Kampala-Masaka Highway.

Motorists from Masaka to Kampala:-

-Kitemu or Budo- Nakawuka to access Kampala.

-Nsangi -Buloba – Mutyaba road to access Kampala.

We thus appeal to the public to exercise the utmost discipline & patience as the teams from Traffic Police & UNRA assess the damage.

*PRO Traffic*.

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