MoWT Holds Validation Meeting for New Traffic Regulations

The Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) in collaboration with Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) and Road Safety Advocacy Coalition Uganda (ROSACU) have today held a validation meeting for the new traffic regulations. The meeting according to MoWT’s Permanent Secretary, Bageya Waiswa, was intended to pick views of road safety stakeholders on the new traffic regulations regarding the establishment of a 30km/hr speed limit and installation of electronic motor vehicle number plates.

Waiswa said a 30km/hr speed limit is important to reduce traffic crashes killing thousands of Ugandans every years. It should be remembered that 4,806 people died on Ugandans roads in 2023 translating into 13 deaths per day. Road safety experts and advocates are advocating for a 30km/hr in all school zones, urban and built areas.

Waiswa informed the participants that the government has so far met 30 percent of the required 209 billion shillings to compensate Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) that was contracted to install vehicle inspection centres along different roads in various parts of the country. However, SGS terminated the contract after various frustrations from government arms mostly the Parliament but it demanded compensation for the equipment it had already erected. “When the full amount is paid, the government will own the vehicle inspection centres and will enforce mandatory inspection of vehicles. We shall reduce incidents of vehicles in dangerous mechanical condition like the one that killed a young lawyer on Entebbe road,” Waiswa said.

Lawyer Okiot Raphael was killed on Wednesday morning when a truck loaded with concrete hit a pavement and collapsed on the vehicle he was driving. Okiot’s vehicle was flattened and his body was removed using powered saws. Many people who have watched the CCTV video have since concluded that the vehicle was in a dangerous mechanical condition a reason it failed to brake even though it was not on a high speed.

Winston Katushabe, MoWT’s Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety, said the new traffic regulations will also aid the installation of electronic number plates. Katushabe applauded the road safety activists, construction engineers, bus owners, drivers, riders and technical people from various ministries and government agencies contributing to the establishment of traffic regulations.

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