Mulago Hospital’s Knee Replacement Camp Brings Relief to 35 Patients

PHOTO COURTESY of Mulago medical team


Mulago National Referral Hospital has become a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with knee problems.

The recent knee surgery and replacement camp witnessed an overwhelming turnout of patients seeking solace from their knee ailments.

Among the beneficiaries, Namukasa Dorothy, 58, from Namugongo, shared her six-year battle with arthritis, relying solely on painkillers for relief.

Despite initial apprehensions about surgery, she finally found courage and underwent the procedure, now experiencing a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in mobility.

Similarly, Lydia Kankunda, hailing from Kisaasi, attributed her arthritis to her body weight, enduring prolonged suffering until the camp’s announcement.

After registering and undergoing surgery, she now harbors hopes of regaining her mobility and leading a pain-free life.

Dr. Alexander Bangirana, an Orthopedic surgeon at Mulago Hospital, expressed gratitude for the camp’s success, spanning from March 18th to 28th. With support from partners in the United States of America and Kenya, the hospital performed 9 arthroscopy surgeries and 26 total knee replacement surgeries, providing much-needed relief to the patients.

Dr. Bangirana emphasized the invaluable contribution of donated knee implants, acknowledging their exorbitant costs, which render them inaccessible to many. Most beneficiaries were selected from Mulago’s clinic, ensuring that the neediest individuals received assistance.

Highlighting the prevalent causes of arthritis, Dr. Bangirana underscored the significance of age and obesity, shedding light on the challenges faced by the elderly and overweight individuals in accessing proper treatment.

Amidst these challenges, Mulago Hospital’s unwavering commitment to alleviating knee problems stands as a beacon of hope, promising renewed mobility and comfort for those in need. As these patients embark on their journey to recovery, Mulago Hospital’s dedication to healthcare excellence continues to inspire communities far and wide.

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