Mpuuga Vows Not To Exit NUP


Net picture of MP Mathias Mpuuga

Matthias Mpuuga , Masaka Municipality MP has confronted speculations of him exiting NUP as void. He asserted his membership noting that he is a founding member of NUP unlike many who just joined NUP.

“Questions and speculations have been on for as to whether, where and when I am going. I am here to state that I am a founder of National Unity Platform as you are aware, I didn’t join NUP but I was part of the founding blocks of NUP where I serve as a Deputy President in charge of Buganda. I am also here to reaffirm that I am not leaving NUP, a Party I founded with colleagues consciously and I am not here to do anything to destroy or kill it. At least, I am not invited to do so at this moment, at least, nobody has moved me to the level of even thinking about deserting a Party I founded,” Mpuuga said.

Get ready for census

These he made mention of while appearing for a press briefing in parliament following a letter addressed to the speaker of parliament by NUP for withdrawal of Mathias Mpuuga as a member of the parliamentary commission.

In regard to his commitment to the party , Mpuuga noted that he would be unveiling what is next considering that according to him this should be a time the party is working at consolidating their cause in the electoral season.

However he also hinted that it was unfortunate that he has not had opportunity to individually interact with the party president Robert Kyagulanyi on the matters around him, instead he has only watched him addressing masses to make Mpuuga appear bad.

For avid followers of Mpuuga’s issue over social media on X, minimum kindness has been expressed towards him as a number feel cheated and think him corrupt. To date NUP management says Mpuuga was unable to provide satisfactory explanation on the controversies around allocation of 500 million shillings to him and other ruling party commissions.

Activists like Charles Rwomushana have called this an overthrow of Bobi Wine by Mpuuga. “Mpuga enters High Way to overthrow the Kyagulanyi gangsters…Of course you have my total support.

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