UPDF Quality Improves Every Day Because of Educated Recruits –Museveni

Museveni with graduate scientists

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that the quality of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) improves every day because of the many graduates willingly joining the force. While meeting 89 graduate scientists taken through a two months basic military course, Museveni said he is very proud of the educated persons from various academic fields who are joining the army that was once known as a force for academic failures.

“We value the educated young people, and we want them for our institutions, especially the scientists. The educated people including the social scientists have improved the quality of our army,” he said. 

Be ready for census

The basic military course for graduate scientists has taken place at Sera-Kasenyi Training School. The trainees included computer scientists, electrical engineers, Information Technology professionals, Software engineers, Telecom engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, among others. 

Museveni said he trained 28 cadres in Mozambique 28 who have since contributed to the establishment of Uganda’s strong army. Museveni said out of the 28 cadres he trained, only three are surviving and they include Gen Saleh, Gen Ivan Korea and Brig Gen Omule.

“You can imagine the 28 people are the ones who built this powerful army because I brought them and they trained others. I congratulated the scientists who have chosen a path of serving the country through the army. I advise you not to join the armed forces because someone asked you. You should do so based on your personal decision,” Museveni said.

Brig Gen Charity Bainababo, the deputy commander of Special Forces Command 9SFC) said that the scientists undertook training in military law, political education, physical training, skills at arms and basics in Kiswahili.

“Out of these 89, 23 have expressed the desire to continue with the military training and shall be deployed in the army accordingly,” Brig Gen Bainababo said.

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