National Unity Platform Spokesperson Calls for Focus on Anti-Corruption Efforts, Not Individual Cases


PHOTO COURTESY: NUP deputy spokesperson Waiswa Mufumbiro

Alex Mufumbiro, the Deputy Spokesperson for National Unity Platform has asked the public to look beyond Matthias Mpuuga a victim of corruption, to the real issue which is rehabilitation of systems.

At the end of last week , NUP revealed that Francis Zaake would be replacing Matthias Mpuuga for their representation on the Parliament Commission.

This came after the party acting president Lina Zedriga reported that Mpuuga was unable to provide satisfactory explanation on the controversies around allocation of 500 million shillings to him and other ruling party commissions.

Be ready for census

While giving further deliberations on the party’s decisions from the time Mpuuga was recalled , Mufumbiro noted that it is unfortunate for people to have narrowed the issue to Mpuuga and yet it should be seen as a wholesome fight against corruption.

“The Parliamentary Commissioner matter shouldn’t be narrowed down to Mpuuga versus National Unity Platform (NUP). Instead, it should be seen as NUP versus corruption, abuse of office, and illegality.” Mufumbiro said.

He further explained saying that the party is holding Mpuuga accountable because, as a party, he is their responsibility and that’s where their representation lies.

Nevertheless he called on other parties where he said; “We do not have the power to hold NRM party members accountable, which is why we implore the public to come forward. ” Mufumbiro

Meanwhile, he noted that the party has observed reluctancy with the speaker of parliament in endorsing Zaake as the new commissioner of parliament.

“We have written to the Speaker, who is avoiding us. However, we are persisting and not giving up. The handling of Hon. Zaake’s case as the new Commissioner shows a reluctance to face accountability and deliver services to the people.” Mufumbiro

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