KCCA Cautions Against Outbreak of Red Eye Infection in Schools


Net picture of a red eye infection

The Kampala Capital City Authority has declared an outbreak of red eyes (conjunctivitis) in some of the schools in Kampala.

Following the outbreak, schools have been encouraged to enforce particular standards of operation to minimise infection .

“We have been alerted by the Director Public Health and Environment of an outbreak of conjunctivitis (red eyes) in Kampala. Cases have already been reported in some of our schools and education institutions,” wrote Maginon Charles Bonnie, the Acting Director Education and Social Services at KCCA.

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Accordingly five preventive guidelines have been announced to curb infection including resumption of regular hand washing with water and soap , avoidance of rubbing eyes, shaking hands and close contact with one another.

In addition, the authority guided that there should be screening of visitors coming into these academic institutions together with quickly reporting cases of infection to the nearest health facilities around the schools.

According to experts, the contagious red eyes caused by a virus comes with signs and symptoms as redness of eyes , pain in the eyes, watery eyes , itching and swollenness in the eye lining .

Once infected ,the red eyes infection can clear within a week without medication.

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  1. Thanks for publicizing about the outbreak because I my self I have been affected by the outbreak but I got treatment from Reproductive Health Uganda as soon as I noticed the above mentioned signs but thanks to God that due to the immediate treatment I got am now so much better now .Great Thanks to my Doctor Mponye Hamim who immediately told me get immediate treatment.

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