Kerry International Flavor Company Boosts Ugandan Economy


In a move aimed at bolstering Uganda’s economy and enhancing its presence in the East African region, Kerry International Flavor Company has inaugurated its plant in Uganda. With a strategic investment exceeding 5 million dollars, the company intends to support the local food and beverage industry by facilitating science and technology transfer within the sector.

Peter Dillane, the Vice President of Africa and the Middle East at Kerry Company, emphasized Africa’s vast agricultural potential, comprising 65% of the continent’s landmass. However, he highlighted the challenge of unorganized crop cultivation, which often leads to inconsistent quality and pricing in food processing.

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Dillane underscored the company’s commitment to collaborating with agricultural groups, government entities, and other stakeholders to establish consistency and stability in prices for farmers. This initiative aims to empower local farmers, promote economic growth, and ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Upon the commencement of production, the establishment of Kerry’s flavor plant is expected to catalyze local manufacturing activities and generate employment opportunities for Ugandans across the value chain.

Kevin Colgan, the Irish Ambassador to Uganda, commended Kerry Group’s investment as a testament to Ireland’s commitment to fostering economic partnerships with Africa. He emphasized the importance of knowledge transfer and technological advancements in driving Uganda’s food industry forward.

Furthermore, the government of Uganda welcomed the collaboration with European companies, urging them to add value to Uganda’s resources. The partnership with Kerry Flavor Company is anticipated to uplift the livelihoods of local citizens by providing access to international markets and increasing incomes for Ugandan farmers.

The recent Uganda-European Union business summit witnessed the signing of numerous projects worth over 100 million Euros, highlighting the growing collaboration between European member states, Uganda’s government, and the private sector. This collective effort signals a promising trajectory for economic development and prosperity in Uganda.

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