Busoga NRM Representatives Attribute Low Votes to Empty Promises


PHOTO BY DANIEL MUMBYA. NRM leaders during a meeting.

National Resistance Movement leaders in Busoga region have attributed low votes from the previous national elections to the existence of unfulfilled promises.

According to the leaders, these empty promises given during election seasons eventually rub off on people and breed mistrust for aspiring leaders from the party.

Speaking at the 38 years of existence celebrations of NRM at the Iganga district headquarters, the chairperson NRM Busoga region and Iganga district, Walubi Abubaker noted that while the party has over time accomplished a lot in the region, the 2020 general elections were a set back from what had been the norm.

Get ready to be counted for proper government planning

One of the reasons he pointed out is despite the general outcry by the movement leader President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to elevate the financial status of the locals, there have been interference with their known income generating projects and yet without offering alternatives.

For instance, he highlighted; the heavy deployment of security agencies on the water bodies which has hindered fishing, a pivotal economic activity in Busoga districts like Mayuge, Namayingo and Kaliro.

“These people are being stopped but left without any solution, as a result, they attribute it to the party and just lose hope in us.”

Similarly, the NRM speaker Iganga municipality Sengoba Musa referred to a long-standing pledge by president Museveni following his launch of Iganga, Luuka to Kamuli road.

“Since 2020 nothing has been done, this has created a gap between the NRM party representatives and the local people in the village who do not believe any promise we make,” Sengoba reported.

To cure these, the director mobilization and coordination in NRM Rosemary Seninde called for a mindset change among the politicians who have also neglected their leadership roles and instead become money hungry.

Seninde noted that part of the role of the NRM leaders is to educate the locals on why certain initiatives like fishing laws and evacuation of wetlands is inevitable. With understanding she mentioned that locals can come to appreciate the long-term benefits.

In fact, Seninde highlighted that the party had made strides in fulfilling promises for instance through introducing universal primary education, universal secondary education and skilling hubs to various regions like Nakabango skilling hub in Jinja city for Busoga region.

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