Ndiga Clan Leader’s Murder: Boda-boda Rider Narrates His Courage to Arrest Killer

Murdered Ndiga Clan leader Daniel Bbosa

Abdul Katabazi, a Boda-boda rider and a plumber at Lungunja stage in Lubaga Division is among the brave two Boda-boda riders who chased the assailants after the shooting of Ndiga Clan leader Daniel Bboosa on Sunday evening.

Bbosa 72, who was also the director of Transa Electrical, was gunned down while approaching his home in Kikandwa zone, Lungujja Parish, Lubaga Division around 6pm.

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Police preliminary findings indicated that the assailants, Enock Sserunkuma, a resident of Lungujja, who was killed by the mob, Noah Lujja who sustained injuries and the third person that managed escape, were pursued by courageous boda boda riders who knocked the motorcycle they were using escaping to.

But Katabazi, also a resident of Lungunja, said he witnessed the shooting and immediately started making alarm, but the assailants couldn’t pay much attention, since he was alone.

He recalls that after about 20 meters of pursuit at the home of the late Prof. Apollo Nsibambi, from the scene, he was joined by another rider only identified as Mukisa who gave him courage to continue with the pursuit while making more alarm.

“When they had us making more alarm, now the one who was armed charged the gun to shoot us, but accidentally, the gun fell down in the wheels of their motorcycle. This gave me the nerve to knock them down.

The two jumped off and took off, and my colleague continued chasing them, but the killer assailant, Noah Lujja, remained trying to regain the gun in his possession.”Katabazi narrates.

Katabazi, who has been a good friend to the deceased, way back from the Covid-19 pandemic period, explains that he decided to jump on to the killer assailant, luckily he says he overpowered him, until more people converged.

“I held him on the ground, because I was more energetic compared to him, his strength was only on the gun, he kept fighting me to approach the gun, but I couldn’t allow him, in a few minutes more people had joined me.” Katabazi narrates.

People nabbed the second assailant Sserunkuma in few meters and killed him on spot, then returned and made attempt to also lynch Lujja, but Katabazi says he was also injured in the process of defending him, urging people not to carry laws into their hands.

“People were so angry, they wanted to kill both of them, but I insisted on pleading with them not to kill another person, because we wouldn’t know who sent them to kill my good friend. Until police arrived and he was rescued.”Katabazi added.

Describing the arrested suspected killer, Katabazi said he was surprised by his skill on the gun, based on the range and angle he shot at the vehicle. He however, noted that although the suspect was beaten up to the pulp by the angry residents, he did not say a single word even though they tried to interrogate who sent them.

On Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said the one suspect in their hands is currently under the guard of Kampala Metropolitan Police at Mulago hospital as investigations into this murder continues.

He said the joint security teams are still hunting for the third suspect whose hide was forwarded to the ballistic experts to understand its origin. The 2023 crime report compiled by the Criminal Investigations Directorate-CID indicated that 300 people were killed using red rifles.

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