Senior Police Wanted Over Shooting Suspected Killer of His Brother

PHOTO COURTESY. SCP Fred Enanga Police Spokesperson

Police have put their own Assistant Superintendent of Police –ASP Moses Acaye, on wanted list after he allegedly shot to death a man suspected to have killed his brother Emmanuel Opio. ASP Acaye left his workstation at Adjuman Central Police Station (CPS) and travelled to Alebtong district where he allegedly killed the suspect, Simon Omona, on Tuesday last week.

Senior Commissioner of Police –SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said ASP Acaye who is an Officer Incharge of Adjumani CPS reported his presence at Appa Police Station, on Tuesday and said he had gone there to follow-up investigations into the murder of his brother Opio. The deceased was killed by the mob on February 10, 2024.

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While in Alebtong, ASP Acaye was among a team that responded to Apaa trading centre, after one of the suspects was sighted. “Upon reaching the trading centre, he drew his pistol and shot at the victim, who was rushed to a nearby clinic, where he died from. A serious manhunt for the suspect is ongoing after he went and handed over the pistol for safe custody, at Lacor Hospital Police Post on the 24.02.2022 and disappeared,” Enanga said.

Police said ASP Acaye is being wanted because he swore to serve and protect people from harm. Killing a suspected killer of his brother, it has been described as “unfortunate” because he abandoned his sworn oath to uphold the sanctity of life, when he fatally wounded the victim.

“His actions constitute a gross abuse of police authority, for use of excessive force, which resulted into a senseless murder of Omona Simon. We encourage him to hand over and defend himself,” Enanga added.

Police have said: “To the victim’s family, friends and relatives, we regret the harm caused by our officer. We shall not rest until when he is arrested and charged to court for murder and theft of a police motorcycle.”

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