Museveni Okays Turning Luzira Prison Into a Five Star Hotel


NET PHOTO: Luzira prison going to be shifted for a five star hotel.

Museveni has endorsed a proposal for Luzira prison premises to be redeveloped into a five star hotel. According to this plan , land will be allocated else where for the reconstruction of the prison. This information came through a letter dated July 10 2022, showing the president’s engage with the Ministry of Internal Affairs signing off the proposal from Tiang Tang Group, a Chinese company.

Get ready to be counted for proper government planning

In the letter the president quoted; “I have received a letter from Tiang Tang group, that are proposing to redevelop Luzira into a five star hotel, with a conference center and relocate the prison at their cost ,to another place in the interior of the land allocated by the government. I totally support this idea.”

Following this engagement, preparation have been ongoing where the government through another letter indicates that there is land that has been marked for the new development pending approval .

This week on February 22 2024, the Minister of Internal affairs requested a meeting with the attorney general to see that legal issues around the marked land are cleared. He confirmed the new development saying; “The Uganda Prisons service have identified 3.5square miles in Buikwe after which they have agreed to purchase 1 Square mile for the said relocation,”wrote Otafire.

The land is to be sold off by the family of the Late Antonio Lutwama Kabogoza. However , one thing to iron out is that the family of the late has never applied for a letter of administration which gives them right to sell the land, this is since the late passed in 1928.

The concerned are expected to meet on March 6,2024 at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Boardroom for a consultative meeting about this . Respondents to the land mark from social media users are not in favour as Luzira has been an ancient land Mark in the country , a renown maximum security premise in the nation.

Professor Jamil Mujuzi via X says; “there a need for another five-star hotel in Kampala? Hopefully, this doesn’t turn out to be a lie. It could be that the real reason is to replace the prison with a shopping mall or residential apartments (owned by one of the politically connected individuals.”

Ssempira for freedom also on X notes; “As Ugandans were celebrating Musevenis’ victory and ascendancy to power,the late Paulo Muwanga warned Ugandans that Uganda would be left with nothing as a country by the end of his reign/rule.”

Jean Mosh laments; “Same way Shimoni went to the dogs as the country waited for a 5 star hotel by a “saudi tycoon” who ended up to be sudiilu whoever cursed uganda should just forgive this sad country.”

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