Weasel Sets Himself Up for Cross fire With Accusations Against Azawi’s Masavu Song


Net picture of Azawi and Weasle

Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo is amidst cross fire from Azawi and the late Radio’s fans after making claims against Azawi.

Radio’s living half of the former duo raised claims over social media through insinuating texts that Azawi and Swangz Avenue have stolen his partner’s song book.

On his Facebook page Weasel coded: “A Page from the Kings Book is missing and out there… (Akatabo: Rewrite the sentence)”—implying that there’s a missing part of Radio’s legacy.

Be ready to be counted

Now, it is back fire all over his face as Azawi’s social media fans are commenting in her favour whereas Radio’s are accusing Weasel of negligence of the deceased’s song book.

Azawi herself comments to the feud saying; “If that post has anything to do with my record, then that’s absolutely so Classless!!”

The contest arises from an AI enabled song by Azawi titled Masavu. In this song Radio’s voice features and for the AI ignorant audience it’s claimed that the song must have been stolen from Radio’s song book.

Oyima Richard, one of the social media users says; ” Weasel is fake , he was supposed to be there taking care of Radio’s property and h e was just there depending on him.”

Zainabu Lenny Bea notes; ” Weasel has nothing to tell us , let him do one song on his own just to show us he can do it. Let him stop ghosting.”

Caroline Kabalisa on the other hand fuels responses to the feud; “One time Weasel was at Galaxy FM telling everyone how he had the song books and he would never give them to anyone, so how did Azawi steal the sokg book that you have personally , is she a ghost , some people just want to stir strife.”

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