UNEB Under Accusation For Selective Grading


Photo Courtesy of Mr Dan Odong

The Uganda National Examination Board has fallen under public scrutiny for alleged partiality in their grading system.

According to accusations, some schools are under marked while others are over graded.

The UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Doing has refuted all these allegations asserting that UNEB is airtight to any form of malice or hoaxes.

“Any allegation of unfair advantage of some candidates over others is malicious propaganda, baseless and should be treated with utmost contempt.The alleged scores of Candidates alleged to have been given wrong grading do not apply to the recently released results of 2023 PLE results,” noted Onyango.

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A post by Judy Mayanja on X triggered this entire scrutiny where she claimed in her post to have had a cousin who after learning of unfair grading transferred her child to Masaka. In Masaka she scored aggregate 4 according Judy ,who contrasted her performance with the pupils the child left at GreenHill who scored between 9-10 aggregates.

According to Judy ,she found that there is bias with the grading of well performing schools in Kampala .

John Mugonya , one of the respondents interracting with UNEB’s issued defense statement notes; “What has changed is the frequency of aggregate 4, 8, 20. The intensive teaching by schools notwithstanding, are learners more intelligent, more equipped, was the system rigged? It is interesting that university results do not show the same trend. Getting GPA 5 is still uncommon.”

Esther Kenjura adds; “Wondering why UNEB says scripts are highly restricted,,,,, why if you are transparent??
Parents or schools should have that opportunity in case they query the outcome of the exam…..”

Sarah Akampurira also retaliates saying; “There is no.smoke without fire. UNEB u know so well that it’s not all rumours but most of what is circulating is true 100% better style up or else we won’t keep this injustice covered for long.”

Uganda National Examination Board Primary Leaving Examination results were released over a week ago as well as selection completed .
The public now is pressing on for Uganda Certificate of Education results for O’level

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