Buyende District Woman MP Commends UPDF for Aiding Fishing Community in Buyende


The Woman Member of Parliament for Buyende District, Hon. Annet Mary Nakato, expressed her gratitude towards the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces for providing life jackets to the local fishing community. She stated that the jackets will significantly enhance their safety as they conduct their duties on the lake.

She made the remarks as she joined the Tarehe Sita Team during a visit to Bugungu Landi Site, Buyende District.

Major Alex Muhwezi, the Marine Brigade Political Commissar advised the fishing community at Bugungu landing site, to support the Fisheries Protection Unit and other law enforcers in a bid to pacify the lake shores for the good of the community.

He urged them to adopt a positive mindset because the purpose of the Protection Unit is not to force them out of the lake but to oversee proper fishing being carried out on all of Uganda’s water bodies.

“Bad fishing methods if not stopped will cause extinction of all the fish in the lake, instead of opposing everything the government brings to cub the vice just cooperates and contributes ideas that will help the fishing profession shoot to greater heights while putting in mind that UPDF is not an enemy but there to streamline and mend broke systems,” said Maj Muhwezi.

The donation of life jackets is part of a wide assortment of donations that will be given out in the various districts of Busoga as the UPDF commemorates the 43rd Tarehe Sita Anniversary.

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