Winnie Nwangi Sets Social Media Ablaze: Demands Top Dollar for a Date


Nwagi picture. Photo Courtesy

Renown artist Winnie Nwangi has set social media ablaze with bold demands of payment to ladies when they are taken out on dates.

Nwangi related to 50,000 Uganda shillings as very low for her when she accepts to go on a date .

She said; “you want me to come on a date, you have to pay me, I’m not your mother.”

These statements were aired during a television show. Winnie Nwangi explains that asking her out on a date is asking her of her time and even exposure to suffer risk of possible inconveniences with the date.

“Our money lost value, what can UGX 50K do, I mean, I’ve dressed well, done makeup and turned up for the date, and you give me only 50K after? I rather stay home and watch TV. Men style up “- Winnie Nwagi.

The remarks have not left netizen men the same but sparked a chain of flooding responses .

An X user Solomon Kaweesa posts in response ; “Are we your fathers?”

Kalounji posts: “Malaya enkade tezewumuza, they want to make our young daughters think that being single and having causal relationships and dates it the normal. Olwokuba biba byabulwa empisa ezikuuma abasajja, they feel bad to see the younger girls winning and having stable marriages.”

Simon Sseruyange retaliates; “
It’s called disguised prostitution. Y’all better name your prices and susu buyers will easily pay, than try to waste their time mbu “getting to know them” why r you agreeing to go on a date when you don’t like?”

It is interesting to note that 99 percent of those retaliating are men and women unusually irresponsive on the matter .

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