Minister Aceng Refuses to Attribute Reduction in Donor Support to Anti Homosexuality Law


Photo Courtesy of Min Aceng

Jane Ruth Aceng , the health minister in Uganda has warned that donor funding to the health sector is reducing day by day .

She cautioned members of parliament that the funding for the next financial year is expected to drop by 49 percent .

However while giving her remarks , she expressly mentioned that she was not going to attribute the reduction in funding to the passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

“I know in your thinking, you are thinking it is the Anti-Homosexuality Act but it isn’t. Donor funding has been going down and I have been presenting this because the donors can’t support us forever.

She added: “Actually, recently, we were disturbed when PEPFAR announced they were withdrawing, there was a serious discussion in their cabinet, withdrawing all of a sudden. So the issue here is, we need to be planning as the donors continue to reduce, and they are reducing. And I have already indicated to you that all the money for public health comes from donors, so it is a critical issue,” said Minister Aceng

As per documents submitted by Ministry of Finance before Parliament’s Budget Committee, Uganda’s support from donors is expected to drop from Shs2.781Trn in 2023/24 to merely Shs28.94Bn in the coming budget of 2024/25

Meanwhile at the same time Aceng defended the recent request for additional Shs2.7Bn for supervising works at Lubowa Hospital saying that the funds will facilitate the movement of the consortium of engineers from the Ministry of Works & Ministry of Health to supervise works, after the new contractor takes over the site because Gov’t didn’t allocate any funds for consultancy services.

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