Political Enthusiasts Anticipate NAM Summit in Uganda to Strengthen International Diplomacy.


New LOP Joel Ssenyonyi. Photo Courtesy.

Overall, political enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the NAM Summit in Uganda as a crucial event that will bolster the country’s international diplomacy.

According to them, hosting the event presents a unique opportunity for Uganda to engage with the global community, strengthen its diplomatic ties, and actively contribute to shaping the international landscape.

The Non Aligned Movement Summit 2024 to be hosted in Uganda on January 15 to 20th has given the nation spotlight. The summit is expected to draw over 5000 delegates and 70 heads of state from 120 countries.

NAM serves as a platform for nations that do not align with any major power bloc, offering them an opportunity to engage in discussions and negotiations on global issues.

Indeed, the preparations vested itnto hosting have not left the country the same in regard to polishing up of infra structure. The Entebbe Interantional Airport has got a face lift , some roads have been worked on and new structures like hotels to accommodate the guests have been erected .

For some netizens, the vigorous steps to make infra structure better indicated that for Uganda’s quick development there should be many of such events to host.

Ahmed Hadji, a youth policy activist while speaking at an NBS TV show this morning mentioned that through building international diplomacy , the economy will be boosted as business discussions will spring up.

“This is our opportunity to boost our international diplomacy and business discussions. I wish Uganda a successful summit,” Ahmed said.

Ambassador Adonia Ayebare Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, similar to his disccussant affirmed noting that discussions during the summit will revolve around improving development funding. He is optimistic that this will deliver Uganda from its debt burden in the long run.

“Most developing countries are lagging behind in terms of SDGs and the mentioned challenges are Covid-19 and limited funding. The discussion will be about how we can increase our development funding.” Ayebare said.

However, the average Ugandan queries what their potential benefits will be from the summit except infra structural development in particular areas.

Ayebare vaguely responds noting that since the summit is about business and investment , an average Ugandan can tap into networking and trade opportunities.

The NAM Summit is the second row of meetings Uganda is hosting this year. It comes in very close after Uganda recently hosted the Common Wealth Platform for Speakers

All these are always viewed as opportunities to boost trade , tourism and international relations.

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