State House Clarifies on Brig Gen Lukyamuzi Duties

The State House of Uganda through the Presidential Press Unit (PPU) has clarified on the duties of Brig Gen Moses Lukyamuzi as a Special Presidential Assistant.

PPU said in this capacity, Brig Lukyamuzi oversees the Presidential Taskforce on Land Matters and Environment, operating within the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development.

Brig Gen Lukyamuzi under the leadership of Brig Gen Moses Lukyamuzi, the task force is assigned the following responsibilities:

Prevention of encroachments on wetlands, forests, and riverbanks.
Swift security responses in cases of land grabbing.

Handing over suspects to the police or the military police for further handling.

CPlease note that the task force is not authorized to conduct investigations, detain individuals, or prosecute suspects.

These responsibilities remain within the purview of the police, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), and the Courts of Law.

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