1000 Guns Recovered in Karamoja Operations

Security agencies have revealed that 1,092 guns have been recovered in two and a half years’ operations against cattle rustlers in Karamoja sub-region. President Yoweri Museveni ordered forcefully disarmament in Karamoja on July 13, 2021.

Maj Moses Amuya, the acting public information officer (PIO) for the Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF Third Division has said that the operation dubbed Usalama Kwa Wote have resulted into the recovery of hundreds of guns that were being used by warriors to attack locals’ kraals including killing helpless owners as well the security personnel.

UPDF and Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) have further explained that 7,483 bullets have also been recovered from cattle rustlers. However the number of killed warriors has been left out. Nevertheless, earlier figures showed that two people were being killed every day.

UPDF and ASTU have arrested 28,093 warriors in two and a half years of which 1,512 have been prosecuted by Division Court Martial while 1,487 warriors have been prosecuted through the civil courts. In addition, 41,158 animals that include cows (cattle), goats, sheep and donkeys have recovered from armed warriors.

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