Uganda Counting Hours To Host it’s Ever First Speaker’s Conference


Photo Courtesy of Speaker Anita Annet Among welcoming her counterparts

With some of the delegates already having jetted in , Uganda is counting hours to host the Conference f Speakers , Presiding Officers of the Common Wealth-CSPOC 2024.

The excitement around the event as expressed by different leaders is that this gives an opportunity for Uganda to leverage into tourism revenue , trade , networking and many other things .

The Speaker for Parliament Anita Among has revealed that this this is just the beginning for Uganda this year to host many other events with international delegates.

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As of yesterday, Speakers of the parliaments of Ghana, Grenada, and Maldives arrived for the Conference and were received by the Deputy Speaker .

Among during a tour at the Entebbe International Airport this week promised that the premises would be given a face lift on the outside as part of preparations for the conference.

The conference will be hosted at Speke Resort Munyonyo beginning 3rd-6th January 2024. Over 44 delegates have confirmed.

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