Sheikh Mutumba Election as New Mufti Divides Busoga Muslim Leaders

BY Daniel Mumbya

Busoga regional Muslim leaders in a meeting. Photo Courtesy.

The Busoga Region Islamic Council led by the Regional Khad Sheikh Muhammed Hussain Bowa and the District Khads from the districts of Iganga, Namutumba, Namayingo, Kaliro, Jinja, Bugiri and Mayuge, have disagreed over the election of Sheikh Mutumba to replace the reigning Mufti Ramazan Mubajje.

Some of the Busoga Region Islamic Council agreed and congratulated Sheikh Mutumba because they are fed up with Mufti Mubajje’s acts of selling Muslim properties. However, others said they still believe and trust Mufti Mubajje and they are not ready to welcome Sheikh Mutumba as the new leader.

Sheikh Hussein Bowa said all the charges attached to his eminence Mufti belongs to all the Muslim Council because every property under Uganda Muslim Supreme Council belongs to us as Muslim brothers and sisters.

Bow said as Mubajje has no power and ownership to any property but everything done it’s divided through the Muslim commitment and we believe that the mistake done was for the good of the Muslim community besides the negative result came in.

“We are ready to disassociate with those against Sheikh Mubajje and not willing to sit at any round table with those people who are creating disunity in our religion,” Sheikh Bowa said.

In addition the Busoga regional Khad announced that as Busoga region they are still under his eminence Sheikh Mubajje until the general election of Mufti is announced through the proper protocols.

In the same occasion the executive members of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Sheikh Songolo Shafie Edirisa also condemned the act made by just few member for the entire Uganda Islamic state for their own benefits which may result to disrespect and honor to others.

“I call upon unity and transparency mode to increase and strengthen your religion at large because it’s the only way we can solve our inside problems. A number of signatories from different Muslim communities against the transfer of power which indicates unity and solidarity of Muslims in Busoga region.”

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