Former LRA Commander to serve 25 years in Norwegian Prison


The International Criminal Court has transferred Dominic Ongwen, a former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army to a prison facility in the Kingdom of Norway to serve his 25-year sentence.

Ongwen has been at the ICC based in the Hague in the Netherlands since he was transferred there from Uganda in 2015.

On February 4,2021 , Ongwen was charged with 61 offences and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

Unlike Ugandan prisons however , under this system Ongwen has liberty to choose which prison to serve his sentence .

On July 5, 2023 ,the former LRA commander of the senior brigade wrote to the State of Norway as his preference for imprisonment attributing to his medical state .

This was in spite of the many other states that had expressed willingness to take up the sentences fellow into their prisons .

He assented to have his medical documents forwarded to the kingdom as process for him to acquire a transfer there.

Norway has over 58 prisons followed by a reputation of the most humane imprisonment facilities and system . Ongwen will be watched over the international community of the red cross and assigned a personal medical doctor .

He is the fifth person in history to be transferred by ICC to a state that has indicated its willingness to accept sentenced persons.

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