Kawempe Hospital Health Workers Extolled Over as Maternal, Neonatal Motality Decline


Kawempe National Maternal Hospital is celebrating a significant decrease in maternal and neonatal deaths, thanks to the unwavering support from corporate partners engaging in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The hospital’s executive director, Dr. Emmanuel Byaruhanga, expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort that has yielded remarkable results.

Stanbic and its partners, recognizing the pivotal role played by the hospital’s staff, have generously provided utility commodities and essential equipment, contributing to the safety of daily deliveries, including 30 Cesarean sections.

Dr. Byaruhanga noted the crucial role of the private sector in complementing government resources, ensuring that the hospital can continue delivering top-notch care.

With a daily average of 80 births in the 200-bed hospital, the reduction in avoidable maternal deaths to less than five per month is a testament to the power of partnership.

Dr. Byaruhanga emphasized that this achievement is not solely the result of equipment support but also a combination of expertise, regular medical supplies from the government, and the dedication of the hospital staff.

To address the challenge of congestion and further improve maternal and neonatal care, Dr. Byaruhanga advocates for empowering health centers around the Kampala metropolitan area.

The focus is on preventing situations from worsening and ensuring that lower health units are fully operational to handle avoidable cases, thus reducing the strain on Kawempe Hospital.

Stanbic Bank Uganda’s Chief Executive, Ann Juuko, echoed the sentiment, recognizing the invaluable contributions of frontline healthcare workers.

She emphasized the private sector and the community’s responsibility to complement government initiatives, creating a collective effort for a better Uganda.

Juuko pledged continued support from corporate partners to enhance the capabilities of lower health centers, ensuring they can provide high-quality services comparable to Kawempe Hospital.

This commitment reflects a shared vision of building a healthcare system that prioritizes both quality and accessibility, sowing the seeds for a healthier and brighter future for Uganda

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