Busoga Regional Islamic Council Takes Stand to Back Mufti Mubajje

BY Daniel Mumbya

The Busoga regional Islamic council led by the Sheikh Muhammed Hussain Bowa
has disagreed with the the newly appointed Uganda Mufti succeeding Sheikh Ramathan Mubajje.

This happened during a meeting at the Iganga muslim headquarters in Iganga municipality where Bowa himself and district kards from Iganga, Namutumba , Namayingo, Kaliro, Jinja,Bugiri and Mayuge district convened.

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According to Bowa , the claimed successor was unlawfully appointed without all required authorities coming together to have a say.

He said; “This act was done by a few members who have desired to usurp the position in a long time. They did it minus following the uganda moslem supreme council constitution article 5 which elaborates the procedures for electing mufti.”

Bowa added mentioning that accusations raised against Mubajje fall to the entire supreme muslim council since anything the Mufti did was for the good of the Muslim community.

On Tuesday 12 December this week , Muslim lawyers through their association dragged to the High court the Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje over the alleged fraudulent sale of Muslim property.

Mubaje was sued alongside businessman Justus Kyabahwa. The Uganda Muslim Lawyers Association (UMLAS) argues that the sale of the two square miles of land in Sembabule district to Kyabahwa; a transaction that has since gone wrong and threatens the auctioning of other Muslim properties including the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) headquarters at Old Kampala was contracted corruptly from the very start.

However, with all that ,Bowa on behalf of the Busoga region took a stand saying that they are ready to disassociate with those against Mubajje.

The Busoga regional kard further announced that as busoga region they are still under his eminence Sheikh Mubajje until the general election of a mufti is announced through the proper protocols.

At the same occasion,Sheikh Songolo Shafic Edirisa representing the supreme Muslim council condemned the act saying it was just a ploy to bring about disunity among believers.

“I call upon unity and transparency mode to increase and strengthen your religion at large because it’s the only way we can solve our problems,” noted Songolo.

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