Former Speakers of Parliament Receive Car Gifts


Photo Courtesy of vehicles reportedly gifted to formers Speakers of parliament

Speaker Anita Among has handed over cars as part of token of appreciation for service to former speakers of parliament.

These include ; Al Haji Moses Kigongo, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Rebecca Kadaga and Professor Edward Rugumayo.

While handing over the cars , Anita Among mentioned ; “While handing over the vehicles, Speaker @AnitahAmong revealed that Parliament will be giving the former Speakers new cars every 5 years, & the cost of fuel, maintenance & salaries of the drivers of the vehicles will be paid by Ugandan taxpayers.”

She also also noted that the recent enactment of the Parliamentary Pensions Act expanded the beneficiaries to include all Speakers who served Uganda since 1979 and thus entitling; President Museveni, Chairman of NRC 1896-1996, Edward Rugumayo Speaker and Chairman NCC from 1979-19 80, Francis Butagira 1980-1985, Al Haji Moses Kigongo, Vice Chairman NRC 1986-1996, Edward Ssekandi 1998-2001 Deputy Speaker and Speaker of 7th and 8th Parliament, to these cars every five years.

Professor Edward Rugumayo served as the first speaker of parliament 1979-1980 when Iddi Amin Dada was ousted. However at that time speaker was referred to as Chairman National Consultative Council -NCC

Al Haji Moses Kigongo served the sixth parliament from 1986-1996.

Edward Ssekandi followed serving parliament from 2001 to 2011 .

He was later on succeeded by Rebecca Kadaga who served from 2011 to 2021 .

Responses from Ugandans indicate the gesture is overrated at the moment in the face of much more pressing needs within the health sector and others.

It also comes at a time where the government has indicated a short fall in funds through application for supplementary budget .

Dr. Catherine Kyobutungi says; ” Signs of a government that has its priorities right!!!
This is the most pressing issues facing Ugandans – giving expensive fuel guzzlers to former speakers of Parliament who: i) already drive govt-issued cars; ii) receive hefty monthly payments.”

Joanita Pearson says; “From borrowing money for a supplementary budget most of which is classified to include bribes for politicians among other things , to this! Meanwhile, Goobi says to @URAuganda there’s a tax revenue shortfall that is expected to go up next year.

Did they just order these cars in excess and are now faced with disposing off the surplus? What else is it if the same officials already vehicles given to them by the government?

It’s not that Ugandans don’t want to pay taxes it is when they pay from the very little they earn, and then have to witness this level of extravagance.”

Another respondent via X identified as Carter says ; “I am Assuming both Hajj Kigongo & Professor Rugamayo are really not that badly off to deserve brand new SUVs, @TheMutaD suggested a Library with free Internet, Maybe even a renovated Health Center III or IV in the respective home areas,”

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