Former Street Kid Sentenced to 134 Years Over Killing 4 Women, Baby

The High Court in Kampala has sentenced a 25 year old man to spend more than 100 years in prison for turning himself into a serial killer when he murdered 5 People in a space of one month.

Musa Musasizi is a former Street child who was rehabilitated into both a businessman at Kiseeka Market and a family man with a wife and a child residing at Mujomba zone 6 in Nakulabye before his arrest in March 2021.

Musasizi’s known murder episodes started in February 2021 when he strangled his gifriend Mackline Ahereza for asking for money to start up a business. He then wrapped her body into a suit case , hired a boda -boda and carried it to Kitooro zone in Nateete where he bought paraffin and set it blaze .

For Kassaga Abudl who rode and disposed- off Ahereza’s body , court ordered him to serve a 4 year imprisonment term at Luzira prison.

After Ahereza’s murder , the then 23 year old Musasizi picked Violet Kansiime and her 3 months old baby Abigail Nakitende from her aunty’s place in Makerere under the guise of marrying and caring for her . He later snapped and strangled the pair to death .

He thereafter wrapped their bodies in curtains , carried them near Nankulabye police and set them on fire to conceal evidence.

Musasizi has further been punished for the murders of Nourine Nabirye and Elizabeth Muteesi whose lifeless bodies he too burnt ; an act described by Justice Muntonyi as being babaric and Savage.

It was Ahereza’s Nokia phone that he ( Musasizi) sold to a third party which was tracked and led to his arrest on 21st/ March 2021. Upon arrest, Musasizi confessed to being a thief and murderering several women . The police fire unit would later retrieve women belongings including necklaces , shoes and bags from a pit latrine.

He also never wasted court’s time and resources to undergo a along trial , he instead pleaded guilty to the murders ; something trial judge Margret Mutonyi found persuasive to withhold a death penalty .

Instead Judge Mutonyi has considered his young age and the manner of his behaviour and sentenced Musasizi to a cumulative jail term of 35, 32 , 27 , 40 years and 21 months respectively and declined to either give him a death or life sentence since he cannot pay for every murder her committed with his one life .

While sentencing Musasizi, Justice Mutonyi has compared him to an actor in a nostalgic 1956 movie ” Killer on the loose” but unfortunately his was a realty that sent the residents of Nankulabye into shock. The judge then wondered how many girls would have been killed by now had he not been stopped.

She then observed that since Musasizi doesn’t have any mental illness but rather he is a brilliant killer who targets his prey through establishing romantic relationships , young girls including his own six year old daughter should be saved from his wicked soul by locking him up for a very long period of time .

To support her long detention period handed to Musasizi, Justice Mutonyi further stressed that each life is sacred and given the gruesome manner in which he strangled his girlfriends shortly after making love to them, only categories such a person as a serial killer who abused the level of trust they had in him.

Musasizi has been advised appeal only against the sentences and not the conviction as he plead guilty to the offences.

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