Bomb Squad Investigating Two Explosions in Kampala

Yesterday, on December 2nd, 2023, our teams responded to two separate incidents in the Kampala District that raised concerns within the community.

In Mayor Zone, Kabalagala Parish, Makindye Division, at about 9 pm, a business premise specializing in frying chips experienced an incident that led to a blast. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported. Nakasagga Joy, the owner of the business, aged 23, sustained minor injuries but is currently in stable condition. Our expert teams are actively investigating the cause of the blast, and updates on the findings will be communicated as soon as possible.

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Simultaneously, in Nabweru, our bomb squad and forensic services responded to a blast heard around 9 pm. The blast occurred in one of the unoccupied rentals. Thankfully, no injuries or fatalities were reported. Our team is diligently working to determine the cause of the blast, and further information regarding the next steps will be provided once investigations are complete.

While these incidents are under investigation, we urge the general public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities in their communities. Your cooperation is crucial in maintaining the safety and security of our neighborhoods.

For further updates, please stay tuned to official Police Media channels, and we appreciate the community’s understanding during this investigative process.

As Shared By ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police.

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