23 Recognized for Prompt Tax Payments and Compliance


Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), has recognized a total of 23 tax payers for their excellency in prompt tax payments, as well as for the large contributions to the national revenue.

The recognized were both individuals and companies, categorized in excel, vintage, and commissioner general’s pick categories. This was the 17th edition of these awards, and excellency in tax payment is computed in the past three years.

With a monthly contribution of 1.1 billion shillings of Pay as You earn, (PAYE), and total of 319 billion shillings in the past three years, Coca-Cola Bottling Uganda Limited (CCBU), was the over all winner, it was followed by Chop gaming (Bet Pawa) as the first runners up, and then bank of Baroda in the 3rd position.

At the awards ceremony at the URA head quarters in Nakawa, on Thursday, the prime minister Robinah Nabbanja, who was the chief guest, termed the awards as a celebration of civic dedication and economic stewardship, for the Economic Heroes of Uganda.

The Prime Minister, in her keynote address, expressed deep gratitude to the taxpayers, referring to them as “heroes” and commended URA for not only appreciating taxpayers through words but also taking tangible actions.

“You are the Men and Women Building Uganda. Your tax compliance provides a beacon of hope to those beginning business and also our young ones, whom we anticipate to emulate from you.
I thank every Taxpayer who has paid their due share of taxes. Thank you very much; the Government relies on you to finance its service delivery.”

She emphasized that the highest appreciation is not just uttering words but living by them, urging URA to embody a service-oriented approach, in it’s tax administration activities on a daily basis.

Addressing challenges faced by URA, Nabbanja assured the public that the government is committed to transparently utilizing the collected revenue.

“Whereas it is the duty of government (through URA) to collect taxes, this duty gives the Government an obligation to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and show the results in a transparent way. The taxpayer should know how their money is being used, and indeed, they have a right to demand services from the Government.

This is a key element of Governance, Accountability and Service Delivery to the public. I want to assure you that the Government is committed to supporting you by ensuring that the Revenue collected is properly utilised.” She explained.

She also recognized the taxpayers’ crucial role in fostering voluntary compliance and congratulated the awardees for their vigilance in contributing to Uganda’s economic growth.

“Today is not just about numbers and financial transactions; it’s about the collective commitment to building a better society. I am honoured to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the individuals and businesses who have fulfilled their civic duty by paying taxes.

Taxpayers are the unsung economic heroes of our country, contributing to the foundation upon which our shared aspirations are built,” says URA Commissioner General John R.

Musinguzi, as he echoed the theme of celebrating economic heroes and highlighted the taxpayers’ contribution to building a better society.

According to Musinguzi, tax payments are not just financial transactions but demonstrations of citizenship and belief in a functioning society. He acknowledged the sacrifices taxpayers make and expressed gratitude for their commitment.

The Commissioner General outlined URA’s initiatives, including a new user-friendly web portal, a USSD code (*285#), and a six-month waiver of penalty and interest.

He urged taxpayers to take advantage of these measures, fostering tax compliance and building tax morale. “Parliament amended the Tax Procedures Code Act and introduced a six-month waiver of penalty and interest to taxpayers who pay their principal tax as of 30th June 2023.

This provision that commenced on 1st July 2023 will end on 31st December 2023. I, therefore, call upon all taxpayers with outstanding taxes to take advantage of this and pay their outstanding principal tax, which will automatically grant them a waiver of accumulated penalties and interest.

URA has also introduced the USSD Code *285# to support our taxpayers in assessing and paying taxes and non-tax revenue, and it can be used by those with basic and advanced phones. All these initiatives aim to promote and support you in fostering tax compliance and building up tax morale for others as well.”

Musinguzi also shared the government’s vision to increase the tax-to-GDP ratio, from the current 14 percent, to 20 percent in the next four years while will help Uganda achieve economic independence.

The Taxpayers Appreciation Awards 2023 showcased a united commitment to economic development, and the event also underscored the collaborative effort needed for Uganda’s economic transformation. As the nation looks towards a future of self-sustenance, the role of taxpayers as economic heroes remains pivotal.

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