Bank of Uganda Warns Against Money Used On Bouquets


Photo Courtesy of UGX currency

The Bank of Uganda has again cautioned citizens on the misuses of money notes for decorating bouquets.

“Florists , designers , gifting stylists and their clients are particularly cautioned to avoid using currency bank notes and coins in making bouquets or any like creations,” warned Kenneth Egesa , the Director Communications at the Bank of Uganda .

Egesa warned that the manner in which new notes are commonly fastened to make designs ,that is use of glue , cello-tape , pins and clips are among others makes the notes unusable .

According to him after damage following such utilisation, the notes can not be used in cash distribution equipment like ATMs and money counting machines.

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In addition, Egesa warned that this equally places an expense on the bank for premature printing of new cash notes.

It has a been a growing trend at different events like introduction ceremonies , marriage proposals, birthday celebrations and the most recent being success cards that cash gifts are presented in bouquet form.

Egesa clarifies that the Bank is not against issuing of cash gifts , but instead the mode of giving should be as the normal way for instance envelops which do not destroy the cash note.

David Oketcha , a citizen who commends the caution noted that to make this more serious ,there would be need to include punishment .

“Whereas we appreciate this caution, you have not outlined anywhere in the document the likely punishment the offenders can face. You have to always involve the policy team while drafting some policy-related circulars, like the one above.” He said via X in response to the notice.

Another named Own Money suggested that the bank focuses people more on using cash products than cash itself .

“Stop using currencies, use the real money=Products. Otherwise those papers printed at anytime you need them they are not the real money. They create inflation which steal our wealth.”

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