Eastern Africa Standby Force Tipped on Integrated Planning in Managing Crisis in the Region

The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) has today opened the African Integrated Peace Operations Course in Entebbe, Uganda. The Course that has attracted participants from the military, police and civilian components aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of integrated crisis management approaches as well as collaboration and coordination amongst the different actors.

While presiding at the opening of the course, the Chief of Staff at the Uganda Rapid Deployment Capability Center (URDCC), Brigadier General Flavia Byekwaso said that the commitment given to this learning process is a clear testimony that capacity building has a place it deserves in Africa in general, and in the Region in particular.

“This course will equip you with knowledge, skills and new approaches in managing crisis in different contexts and environment; putting emphasis on coordination, collaboration using an integrated approach. Please take this valuable opportunity to share with others such precious and valuable knowledge and experience for the success of the course,” said Brig Gen Byekwaso

She urged the participants to focus on the best means and ways of effectively addressing the root causes of the conflicts and crises prevailing in Eastern Africa.

“I believe that if we continue to work together and coordinate our efforts, we will certainly achieve better results in preventing, managing and resolving conflicts, not only in Eastern Africa, but beyond. I am glad that, in generating our discussions, we always develop positive approaches that deepen our cooperation and bonds which focuses on conflict prevention,” Brig Gen Byekwaso added.

The Commandant of Finnish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) LTC Niclas Von Bonsdorff said the event is of great significance as it highlights the importance of the EASF as an indispensable partner in the peace-building process of this part of Africa and the rest of the continent and its contribution to the global peace process.

The EASF draws its membership from ten active member States namely Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda. The Republic of South Sudan enjoys the status of observer in EASF since April 2013 and is expected to become a full member any time soon.

The meeting was also attended by the UPDF Information and Operations Officer at the EASF Secretariat Lt Col Kaale Seiko Adnan, the Principal Human Resource Officer at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs Mr Enyimu William, UPDF and Uganda Police Officers.

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